Why I Love Running

Hello all! My name is Alex, and I blog at Alex Tries it Out. I’m a graphic designer, runner, and blogger living in central Iowa and (constantly attempting to) live a healthy lifestyle.

Although I dabble into a lot of different types of exercise, running was my first true “love” when it came to working out. Although I’ve been working out on and off for a few years, I started running a year ago – and I feel in love with it.

Why, you ask? Well …

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  1. It’s a chance to be outdoors
    Like many Americans, my day job involves me sitting at a desk. I love being a graphic designer, but it doesn’t tend towards being a job you can do out in the sunlight. Running is my time with nature. To feel the sun on my skin – and the wind in my hair!
  2. It’s my time to think
    Think about it. We’re all always so available in this day and age. Phones, email, Twitter. But while I’m out on my run, I don’t check any of this. This tends to lead me to time with myself and my thoughts. It’s incredibly calming.
  3. It’s a great workout
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this. Let’s be honest. Running is such a great workout. I’m not going to elaborate much on this, because it’s not the point of this article. But it keeps me in great shape.
  4. The friendships I’ve made
    I’ve made several friends through running who I never would have met otherwise. The thing about runners? There’s always something to talk about! Races, training, running shoes. It never fails, and bonds are easily made.
  5. The measurable progress
    Although this goes along with number 3, it’s not the same thing. I could get a great workout a lot of ways, but with races, I have an end goal in mind. Some lives go in seasons. Runners go in races!


There’s nothing quite like finding a workout you identify with deeply. Have you found that? What’s stopping you?



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