Top 5 Tips for Working Out – By Katie

2013-02-03_06-08-00_687Hello! My name is Katie, and I blog at Gettin’ My Healthy On.

I love staying active and trying new things, but I’ll confess that running is my main love (and hate…but mainly love) of fitness. Recently, I completed my first marathon. Now? I don’t know where I’m headed in the fitness world. All I know is that living an active lifestyle has been rewarding for me in so many ways, and I encourage everyone to get moving in whatever way their heart desires.

For your reading pleasure, I have compiled some workout tips that have really helped me become more consistent in and dedicated to fitness. Hope you find them useful as well!

Tip #1: Workout at a consistent time everyday.

When you workout at different times everyday, it gets hard to make it a routine. Since that slot of time isn’t always planned out ahead of time, several distractions can get in the way, ultimately ending the possibility of a workout at all that day. Whether it’s bright and early or later in the day, whatever works for you is the best time to workout. As you keep with the schedule, it’ll get easier and easier to stick to it.

Tip #2: Stay positive.

More often than I’d like to admit, I feel a bit unmotivated to break a sweat. Too many times I hear myself saying I have to workout, rather than I get to workout. There’s a huge difference in that little word. Fight the urge to make working out a burden, and think of it as more of an opportunity. Not everyone has the ability to run, do yoga, dance, pump iron, or whatever it is you fancy. When you catch yourself thinking how you have to go workout, shift your focus to how great you’ll feel afterwards! It’s always worth it in the end.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to stretch.

It’s crazy how such a small act can make such a huge difference. Stretching can be the difference between a healthy body and an injured one. I don’t know about you, but when I neglect to stretch, my body lets me know. I’ve pulled both my hamstrings in the past from now warming up properly. Usually, though, my muscles just get really tight and achy. My past injuries and “almost” injuries have convinced me to take stretching seriously and always do it pre- and post- workout. So take my advice, and don’t learn the hard way!

Tip #4: Try new things and have fun.


Keeping up with a workout schedule can be difficult when it sucks. If you’re getting bored with hopping on the same machine all the time or doing the same exercises everyday, mix it up! I’ve done randomness ranging from Taekwondo to rock climbing. By trying out new activities, you may discover something you love! Believe me, as much as I enjoy running, I get pretty sick of it. It’s nice to try new things and then come back to whatever you usually do. Step outside of your comfort zone sometime and t learning a new sport!

Tip #5: Record your workouts.

Log A Run

This one is my biggest tip when it comes to working out. I could never keep a consistent workout schedule until I started writing down my workouts. I do this on a Google calendar as well as Log a Run. Seeing the entire week or month is exciting to me because 1. I can see my progress with running times, 2. I’m able to keep some sort of schedule to not work the same muscles everyday, and 3. It keeps me accountable. Filling a week with workouts is pretty satisfying, so it helps me not slack off.

There you have it! My top 5 tips for working out. Thank you FitKit for asking me to guest post, and thank you readers for being awesome!

Here are a few questions for you:

What are some crazy sports you’ve tried before?

What’s your favorite way to workout?

Do you have any good tips for fellow readers?

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