Simple Tips to Eat Healthier

P1060782Now days I find “healthy eating” to be fairly overwhelming. There is so much information out there, so many resources, and so many conflicting views that it can get pretty convoluted. For that reason, I try to make healthy eating something I don’t really need to think about. I try to keep my food very simple and fresh so that I can get all the yummy benefits. Here are a few tips that have helped me eat healthier, and have given me more energy throughout the day.

  •  As soon as you wake up, that is before the coffee is brewing, before you brush your teeth; grab a large water bottle, fill it with water and drink at least half. You just slept for hopefully 7hrs…you need to hydrate! Then jump in the shower, or go about your normal morning routine. Before you leave the house, go to work, or whatever it is that you are doing, be sure to have finished the water bottle before you go. Of course, this varies depending on what you do but it’s quite simple. Water is free and it is so good for you! It flushes out all sorts of toxins and hydrates you before the day has even started. And keep re-filling that water bottle throughout the day!
  •  Get your hands on some dark leafy greens. My general choice of green is kale or spinach. I find it difficult to eat vegetables as often as I should. So what do I do? Instead of eating salads daily, which can get pretty boring, I make smoothies! Either for breakfast, a snack, or just whenever. I toss in a few handfuls of dark leafy greens (usually spinach) and I am already on my way to another serving of fresh vegetables. Not to mention that you can’t even taste the spinach etc…sneaky.
  •  Add some healthy fats to your diet. Personally, I am obsessed with avocadoes lately. Spread some on toast, throw it into a smoothie (makes it super creamy!), eat it with a little salt and pepper, on a salad, on a sandwich – basically however you like it, eat it! Avocadoes help with inflammation; they promote regulation of blood sugar, and support cardiovascular health. I am also a huge fan of flax and chia seeds. For both, I prefer to buy them ground because your system will be able to digest them more easily. Both are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fatty acids – not to mention protein! Again, both are great in smoothies, but you can put them into oatmeal, on top of salads, or sprinkle some in your morning cereal.


  •   Now of course, add protein to your diet as well. Make it easy on yourself though. Have eggs for breakfast, put a scoop of protein powder in your smoothie, or toss of few nuts and seeds on top of your store bought cereal. Again, protein will keep you fuller longer so that you don’t have killer hunger pains an hour after breakfast.
  •  Finally, a super easy way to ensure you are making the right choices when it comes to food is: EAT REAL FOOD. Simple. Don’t buy packaged things. I know it’s obvious that you shouldn’t grab a bag of chips or a candy bar around 3pm, but also try to avoid the healthy packaged food. By that I mean protein bars, and even the healthy snacks that are pre-made and pre-packaged. Basically don’t eat anything that comes in a wrapper. Eat things that come from the ground or something that you made at home. You’ll see how much better you are eating (and feeling) if you try this!

556585_10151108819551702_1217245995_nHi! My name is Britta, I am the blogger behind Red Bike in a Grey World. I have a passion for fitness and living a healthy and wholesome life. I try to get outside as much as possible, which is fairly easy to do living on the west coast! I am a big believer in keeping food simple, enjoying the little things in life, and find that life is best spent doing the things you are most passionate about.

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