Running to Lose Weight

Hi all! My name is Bailey and I blog over at Onederland or Bust! As you can likely tell by my blog name, I’m on a journey to lose weight. I’ve been on this journey for years all my life, but started to get serious about it in January of 2012. Since then, I’ve lost over 40lbs through healthy eating and exercise. What exercise did I do you ask? Well the majority of it would be running.

lappingIf you had asked me in grade 7 if I would ever run by choice I would have laughed in your face.  I think back to elementary school when my gym teacher used to make us run laps around our school and I honestly felt like I wanted to die after one lap let alone eight. I absolutely hated running and hated that my gym teacher would force us to do it. I remember faking sick on track days just to avoid having to run laps.

Fast-forward to 2012 and I joined a “learn to run” group with my coworkers and had signed up for my first ever 5K race. Not to mention, I also weighed somewhere around 260lbs. Running isn’t easy to begin with, but it’s definitely not easy when you’re 260lbs. I knew my body was capable of exercising hard, so I didn’t let my weight stop me. Every week from March – October I was out there twice a week with my coworkers and once on the weekends by myself. I certainly wasn’t fast by any means, but I was out running and that’s all that mattered.


I continued to run at my own pace. There were many days where I wanted to just give up. It was hard to watch my coworkers get faster and faster while I struggled to keep up. I dreaded almost every run, but felt amazing every single time I finished. The “Runners’ High” people speak of is definitely not a myth. Even if you only run a mile, that feeling you get after completing that mile is hard to describe.

By June I conquered my fear and ran my first official 5K by myself. I was so nervous that I was going to place last or have to walk most of the way. Thankfully, my fears were washed away quickly after the starting line. I realized that there were people of all shapes and sizes. People that were in it to win it and others that were just starting out and were there just for the experience. Overall, the race went well. I finished and received my medal with pride. I was so overjoyed that I had just run a 5K.


By November I had run four 5K races and collected three medals.

I took a slight break during the winter and now I’m back at it this year with the goal of running a 10K by winter.

Running has been an important part of my weight loss journey. Not only does it help me lose weight, but also it makes me feel great inside and out.

I wish I could go back and tell my twelve-year old self that things will get better and one day you will run multiple 5K races and have a dream to one day run a half-marathon.

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