Chocolate Berry Smoothie With Cinnamon

Smoothies can be a quick and tasty way to get in a few of your daily servings of fruit. They are a great breakfast on busy mornings and perfect as a post-workout recovery treat.

When using frozen fruit in smoothies, I always check the label to make sure there is no added sugar. If you buy a bag of frozen pineapple, the only ingredient should be pineapple. For that same reason, I only use coconut milk in my smoothie recipes. The coconut milk I use is from Trader Joe’s and the only ingredients are coconut milk and water. No additives and no weird ingredients that I can’t pronounce. It makes me feel good to know exactly what I am putting into my body.

The smoothie recipes that I am going to share with you today each have a hidden ingredient that takes this creamy, refreshing treat to the next level. You may not even notice these little extras when you take your first sip, but they bump up the nutritional profile and pack an added “punch” that will leave you feeling happy inside and out.

* Chocolate Cherry Smoothie with Cinnamon

Chocolate and cherries go together like peas and carrots…hmm, that was not the best analogy. Peas and carrots would not make for a very good smoothie. What I meant to say was that chocolate and cherries are a delicious combo! This recipe uses unsweetened cocoa powder, which brings out the rich, sweet flavor of the cherries without any added sugar.

The nutritional booster here is cinnamon! Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar so you can say goodbye to mid-afternoon blood sugar crashes that send you running for the vending machine. Studies have even shown that cinnamon can lower LDL cholesterol, boost cognitive function and reduce cancer risk.

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie with Cinnamon
Serves: 2

1 banana
1 ½ cups fresh or frozen cherries (if frozen, look for cherries without added sugar)
4 ice cubes
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
½ cup cup coconut milk
¾ cup water

Add all ingredients to blender.

Blend until smooth. If needed, add additional water until desired consistency is reached.

Divide evenly between two large glasses and enjoy!